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Boiler Emergency

The boiler and its common problems | Boiler Emergency

Boiler emergencyIt is quite annoying when the boiler suddenly breaks. In this situation, emergency boiler repair service is required. Most of the time, a boiler can fail without warning. Leaving you and your family without working radiators and hot water. That is why it is important to contact an experienced engineer who can take care of the boiler problem immediately.

If you wish to diagnose the problem before calling a specialist, please refer to the boiler manual which explains all the error codes which will give you an explanation of what went wrong. If you can’t find the manual, take a look online.

Common boiler errors

Most boiler failures are difficult to diagnose. And unless you are a trained professional, you should not make any repairs. That involve removing the boiler casing. It is risky. And voids any warranties you may have on the boiler. However, it is possible to manage two to three common boiler failures. That do not require the attention of an engineer.

Frozen condensate piping

If a cold snap occurs, it is normal for the frozen condensate pipe to take the boiler out of service. This is not a technical defect; the boiler switches off to avoid further problems.

Before hiring boiler repair specialists in Portsmouth, make sure the condensate pipe is not a problem. The condensate must be properly insulated with foam. As this will prevent it from freezing in the first place.

The boiler is losing pressure

If the boiler loses pressure, there may be a leak. The system has lost pressure. Or the heating has not been running for a long time. It is possible to repressurize the system by opening the filling circuit taps on the boiler until the desired pressure is reached. Once this is done, close both taps and the boiler will work again.

If your boiler is constantly losing pressure, you should have it checked by an engineer, who can quickly fix the problem.

Loss of water from the boiler

This is generally due to old and corroded washers. You will need the help of a heating technician to open the boiler and have it replaced.

Although the three faults are common. There are more technical faults. That can occur with the boiler. That an engineer can always help you fix. Get in touch with one of our telephone operators. And get in touch quickly with a reliable emergency boiler repair technician from Plumber in Portsmouth. And have your boiler repaired on time.

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